Anti-theft Backpack With 3-Digit Lock

$119.90USD $59.90USD

$119.90USD $59.90USD

Anti-Theft Waterproof Backpack With just the right amount of compartments and Layers.






  • MULTI-COMPARTMENT: Huge capacity with a small body, it’s really suitable for travel and outdoors.



  • USB CHARGING PORT: USB charging interface it is great to enjoy the convenient charging by connected with the portable charger for your electronic device to easily keep full power anytime. Please noted this backpack not include power just for easy charging access.


  • SAFETY CODED LOCK: This slim anti-theft backpack included a 3-digit lock, hidden card slot & back pocket make this small bag super secure., protects wallet and other items inside from thief and offers a private space.



  • WATER RESISTANT: The backpack is made from high end and waterproof oxford fabric, provide strengthen and long-lasting performance with minimal weight.


  • The thick but breathable material can spread the load evenly. You can also switch the shoulder by changing the side of the buckle.
  • The reflective strap helps you stay away from danger in the night.




  • Color: Blue, Green, Red, Black, Gray.
  • Weight: 500g.
  • Material: Polyester fiber.
  • Size:

Package Include:

  • 1 x Anti-theft Backpack With 3-Digit Lock.

What are people saying about The Anti-theft Backpack With 3-Digit Lock ?




Wonderful geek backpack! The anti theft system is so marvelous! Same to the anti cut material. The inside is very scientific. Nomore useless layers, but enough space. Definite worth the price!



This bag is very strong and sturdy. It is designed thoughtfully and perfectly for laptop and tablet users. You can fit a few other things such as a book or two. The material used is top quality. The lock, USB charger, and beverage bottle holder are very convenient. It is not designed for traveling with too much stuff. It has my highest recommendation.



This backpack is specially bought for travel and business trips. The password lock on the top of the backpack gives me more security than other ordinary backpacks. The backpack is made of waterproof fabric, so you can get wet even if it rains. The best thing about this bag is that it has some hidden pockets, so you can sort the keys, mobile phones, wallets and other small things in an orderly way. Although this bag is a bit expensive, it is a great travel accessory and worth the price.



Very very very amazing backpack , It’s really made from high-quality materials , This backpack Is really what I need. Thanks alot.



Used it as a personal item on flight to NYC. Wore it everyday, walking 10 miles a day. Great backpack. It was comfortable and the charging feature was great for those long stretches when I didn’t have a charger. Love the security features. It’s not a vault but will prevent petty theft.



This is a super high quality backpack for laptops. The material is very thick but comfortable to carrying on. Also, there are many small hidden pockets in the backpack which definitely will anti theft. It comes with chargers and cords for you computer. It is a little price but worth it.



This is by far the best and most secure backpack I’ve ever owned. It has been durable and dependable. The external charging and locking options are key. The only limitation is capacity is not as great as some others. This is more than made up for by the various compartments and security.



This is both a gorgeous backpack and a superbly designed one. It is well-crafted and comfortable. It was purchased as a gift for my son in college and all his friends are jealous! Simply beautiful with flawless craftmanship



The backpack has a very atmospheric appearance and good shape. The bag function is very powerful and is still in the process of exploration. The interior space is very large and can hold many things. The functional zoning design of sandwich and small package is very reasonable. However, bags can not be inserted in the luggage pole, not suitable for carrying too much heavy things.


Black, Grey, Blue, Green, Red

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